Longest Run Ev-ah

Today I ran my longest run ever (I’ve pretty much been saying that weekly since I started training for my first half-marathon back in December).  My training called for 12 miles, which I did last week as well, but I recently read about the benefits of running OVER the race distance by a bit and decided to step it up and go for 14. 

According to my Garmin, my LONGEST RUN EV-AH was 14.5 and I did it in 2:53, which is a little slower than my goal race pace, but it felt good (save a slight ting in my knee) and I feel emotionally ready as well. 

So what do you do after completing your LONGEST RUN EV-AH?

You change clothes because you’re sweaty, but don’t shower because you’re going to continue to sweat for a while.

You hydrate, but knowing that you’re not going to want to move for a while, you bring back-up.

You throw your legs up on the wall for a while.

You make old-lady groany noises when you move.

You catch up with the ladies on Wisteria Lane while icing your knee and eating a banana.

You think, did I REALLY run for almost three hours straight today?

You wonder how difficult it would be to add 12 more miles to get to a marathon.

You wonder who decided 26.2 was the ultimate (apparently the distance run from Marathon to Athens to announce the defeat of the Persians, although that’s up for debate and the standard distance wasn’t set until 1921).  And you decide you are happy with your own goals for now.

You stretch.  You roll.

You finally shower and are kind of amazed your legs don’t refuse to stand for the duration, so you shave them for being so awesome.

You eat a piece of pizza, carrots and a clementine.

You finally order that RoadID you’ve been eyeing because somewhere around mile 10 you came across the aftermath of bike v. car (he was fine, mostly just – understandably – pissed off).  You also look at helmets and swear to always wear one once you finally get a bike.

You go to your parents house to watch the Steelers dominate [the second half anyway], continue to ice your knee and eat fish tacos.

You pee A LOT because you’re drinking so much damn water.

You finally look into just what might be wrong with your knee and what might be a better treatment.  Unfortunately I think it’s my IT band, but my training is tapering off, so if there’s any good time to have to deal with it, now would be that time and I think I can rest it enough between now and race time (two weeks!).

You find Miss America on TV but fall asleep before the end even though Miss Arizona is in the final group and that NEVER happens.


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