Greek Yogurt-ginity

Yes, it’s true. I lost my Greek Yogurt-ginity today. I’ve had the plain stuff in dips and such, but the last time I was at the grocery store, Chobani was on sale, so I decided to overlook my usual Yoplait Light and try it.

Why?  Well, greek yogurt is all the rage for its health benefits.  Like any yogurt, it’s a great way to get a serving of dairy with bone-building calcium.  Building bone mass is really important, especially for women.  Our bone density peaks at about 30, so as a mid-twenty-something, I’m stocking up!

But, what makes greek yogurt unique is that it has more active cultures and probiotics and twice the protein of regular yogurt, providing much more satiety.  I definitely put that to the test today.

After a delicious – and BIG – sushi dinner last night, I wasn’t too hungry this morning, so as I headed out to work, I grabbed some random things from my fridge and pantry to feed me for the day.  I usually have a meal packed, but I successfully ate all my leftovers throughout the week and had nothing (and usually try to avoid going out for lunch).  I ended up with a cutie, a banana, baby carrots and a vanilla Chobani. 

I ate the fruit a few hours later, but by 11:30 I was HUNGRY!  I really don’t like to eat [lunch] before noon, but I’m getting better at eating when I’m actually hungry even if the clock is screaming at me that I eat like a senior citizen.

I tried the yogurt plain first just to check it out.  Definitely a texture I wasn’t expecting, but not a bad one and the flavor was good.  Then I mixed it with some granola and dried cranberries I had in my desk and absolutely loved it. Best of all, even though I ate earlier than I was used to (and ate the carrots a little later), I didn’t get hungry again until around dinner time (okay, dinner time if you’re a senior citizen)!

So, I think it’s fair to say I’m a convert and I’m looking forward to trying the strawberry and blueberry I still have in my fridge (and finding the peach and honey flavors somewhere).


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