Whip My Hair

I know this took off on the internet like months ago, but, yeah, hi, late to the party as per usual. I’ve heard the chorus and thought it was catchy but I listened to the rest yesterday and wow! Will and Jada, man, they make some talented babies.

Anyway, the reason I listened to it in the first place was because I was hoping it was the perfect lyric to describe my reaction to something a friend put on Facebook. And it was.

I have strong feelings about my hair.  It’s curly.  Always has been, presumably always will be. 

So yesterday when I saw the following post from a college classmate on Facebook:

I need a test subject! Are you a girl that has naturally curly hair but always straighten’s [sic] it? Have you had a Brazilian Blowout (BTW these are bad!)? I have a product for you to try and sample. I’ll let you try this new product if you promise to write me a review and summary of it! Let me know if you’re interested.

…my inner curly-headed bra-burner came out with this:

Hold the phone! You’ll LET me try this product that is new so, in my mind, could potentially turn my hair green and/or make it fall out in an attempt to “fix” my natural hair and perpetuate a one-dimensional standard of beauty? No thanks, I whip my hair.

See?  Strong feelings.

I’m trying to spread the curly hair pride, but out of 15 comments, I was the only one who didn’t jump on the please-torture-my-hair-and-make-me-like-everyone-else wagon! Really?! Come on, ladies!

I mean, trust me, I’ve been there.  Occasionally.  Briefly.  I’ve straightened my hair, but it’s not for me. 

It takes so long.  It takes so long that you want to keep it straight for a few days, which means you can’t sweat.  That obviously doesn’t work for me.  

When I straighten my hair, I don’t look very much like myself.  I look like a lot of everyone else.  This also doesn’t work for me.  I’ve embraced my curly hair and love that it makes me unique.  Everyone has something that makes them unique.  Embrace it and make it work for you.


2 thoughts on “Whip My Hair

  1. I’m one of those girls who has wavy/kicky hair. Like, one side will all curl under and the other will all curl out. It never agrees to play nice. On really humid days a little bit of gel and some scrunching give me loose ringlets – but only on my hair’s terms. When I was 16, I decided that my solution to my uncontrollable hair was to perm it. It turned out as expected, but I did it a second time. Now I straighten my hair almost daily in order to look professional and not unkempt. But I’ve always admired and envied curly-haired girls. Your hair has verve and personality. Way to go for embracing it. ~Kendra

    • Curly hair does have a mind of its own! I can’t blame you for straightening it if it’s mismatched! My under layer is straight for some weird reason, but it’s easy to hide.

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