Turkey Mini-Loaves, Get Your Own!

I live by myself so cooking a whole recipe usually means leftovers for a week, so I always make sure it’s something delicious.  One of my favorite recipes from my Cook Yourself Thin cookbook is Turkey Mini-Loaves.  They are perfectly portioned and made with lean ground turkey and spinach, which I cannot get enough of recently!

Just like the cover says, it’s a skinny meal you can make in minutes.  I actually forgot how simple it was to make!  The toughest part was chopping the onions.  Onions and I do not get along.  You get to mush everything together with your hands – score!  I loved that part when I was a kid.  The secret to the single servings is a using a measuring cup, perfect!  I really like the ketchup-Worcestershire-hot sauce glaze that goes on top too, yum! 

Find the recipe from Lifetime (the network that airs the Cook Yourself Thin TV show) here and get your own!


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