My first half-marathon recap!

On Saturday, I participated in the London’s Run Half-Marathon in Queen Creek.  It wove around the cotton fields of Schnepf Farms and provided a great view of the San Tan Mountains.  It was a cold start, but as I warmed up, I felt blessed to be running in such a pretty area.  I felt blessed to be running. 

The race started a few years ago as a memorial and fundraiser for a local girl who passed away after fighting an aggressive leukemia.  The first race benefitted her family, but it has grown in the years since and every year helps a different child and his or her family. 

The theme of the race was, “I can do hard things,” and there were pictures along the route of smiling children, bald from chemo, encouraging the runners to keep going.  Running isn’t actually that hard after all!

My first goal of 2:34 was based on a 10K time back in November.  I hadn’t trained and had gone out drinking the night before.  Oops.  My second goal was 2:10 (or a 10:00 pace, which I struggled to hit during training).

It was a much bigger race than I was expecting, so as I hit the [uncorralled] starting line with 524 others, I was a little intimidated.  And then the race started.  And in the first mile, I got passed.  A lot.  Some guy pushing two toddlers in a double stroller smoked me!

The first three miles felt like a warm-up.  I was hitting my (second) goal pace, but my knees were taking a while to loosen up and I was cold and I was waiting to get to the running-high portion of the race.

I was in it for myself, but competitive me was pretty happy when eventually I was passing people. I hit my stride between miles four and nine and by that point, I told myself it was just a regular short run from there. 

My Garmin kept me on track and although I haven’t linked up to check out my pace by mile breakdown yet, I think I remained pretty consistent.  Slow and steady really does win the race!  Okay, not really win at all, but it was a personal victory either way!

I really do feel like I gave it my best and left it all out there as I had planned. Also as planned, I didn’t stop running.  As someone who started my running career with only running during the choruses of songs on my iPod, I’m thrilled!

So how did I actually do?  2:09, thank you very much!

[Sorry for the lack of actual pictures! I was flying solo at this race!]


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