The Early Bird

Yesterday marked my glorious begrudged return to my beloved A.M. workout.  I prefer the A.M. workout, but my increased mileage at the end of my half training meant I really couldn’t squeeze it in before work (without going to bed at 7 to wake up at 3…not happening). 

I find morning workouts to be like attempting double dutch during recess.  Every time the rope(s) come around, you feel apprehensive because it’s intimidating and so you wuss out.  But you know you really want to jump in, so eventually you do and you love it and you rock it and you’re like, “what the hell was the big deal?”

Getting out of bed for the first A.M. workout is tough and sometimes it flat-out sucks, but yesterday I jumped in.  Honestly, it wasn’t the best workout, but I did my time (which I hate saying because I always want to be engaged in my workouts). 

Today was much easier and much better.  It probably didn’t hurt that our “arctic” weather in Arizona (it’s getting down to the 30s at night, y’all) forced me to turn my heat back on last night, so getting out of bed today didn’t mean jumping around trying to stay warm while dressing in too-cold gym clothes.

And so, with one day under my belt, today was my actually glorious return to the A.M. workout AND strength training! 

If it's good enough for Marilyn...

At the recommendation of a personal trainer (and experienced endurance athlete) I worked with at the end of last year, I spent the first month of my two-month training equally focused on running and building up my running muscles with strength training and the second month solely focused on running, with a little cross training mixed in.

I’m quite happy with how I did in the race, so I think that plan served me well, but I am definitely excited to be getting back to strength training.  My relationship with strength training has been off and on (story of my life) because, although I know the benefits – like the awesome definition I get when I regularly include it – I really just love long, sweaty cardio sessions.

I started back slowly today – two exercises for each muscle group, moderate weight, two sets of 12 – but I definitely didn’t phone it in.  The last thing I want to do is overdo it, because then I have such a negative association with the weights and I start to avoid them again.  I know by the end of the day I’ll start to feel it, but it will be a good sore.

My February training plan still needs a little tweaking, but as of now I’m following a schedule that will get me doing strength three times a week and I will be handsomely rewarded with the sweaty cardio sessions I crave on the other days.  And sexy muscles.


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