The Fever

It happened.  I knew it would.  I got race fever. 

Race fever is why I signed up for my half after finishing my first 10K.  Race fever is planting the idea of a full marathon in my head, but I’m definitely in no rush.  Right now, I’m just excited to find races, train for them and challenge myself throughout the year.

So, yeah, it’s a little late, but I’m setting my race goals and calendar for 2011. 

This year, I will:

Set a legit 10K PR.
Complete  sub-2:00 half-marathon.
Find and participate in an out-of-area race.
Participate in a fun run (like a themed, dress-up-and-act-silly run).
Compete in my first triathlon. 
Volunteer at three races.

I only have two officially on my calendar.   I am volunteering at a charity race in the beginning of March and I’m participating in Pat’s Run (shameless link to my fundraising page, sorry!) in April, which really falls into none of these categories, but it’s a meaningful local race and I’m excited to be a part of it for the first time. 


Post-April, it’s pretty much “don’t leave your house if you prefer your skin DOESN’T melt off your body” weather here in Arizona (take that snowmaggedon, we have the heatpocalypse EVERY SINGLE YEAR, rain or shine), but I’ll TM it up and be ready to rock come fall.

What races are on your hit list this year? 


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