WTF, Eggplant Edition

That means “What The Food?”  You, potty mouth, you.

I assessed the fridge sitch this morning with a quick glance into my produce drawer, saw an eggplant and freaked.

I know eggplant is not THAT strange of an ingredient, but it does fall into my category of food-that-I-thought-was-weird-when-I-was-growing-up-and-claimed-to-not-like-even-though-I’d-never-tried-it.  

Now that I’m older wiser not as picky, I think eggplant deserves a second chance.  My problem is that it is just so shiny and purple and fun-looking.  And cheap! Eighty-eight cents for something I’m going to turn into my main course? Yes, please! 

But then I get it home and wonder what I got myself into.

I made eggplant once before – baked and topped with balsamic.  I lied and told myself it wasn’t so bad, but yeah, it was kinda bad.  I guess I’m ready to redeem myself and admit that recipes are my friend. 

Option #1 was eggplant parmesan.  Safe, but not the healthy, fresh dinner I had in mind for tonight, so I found option #2:  eggplant with yogurt and dill.

I’d post the pictures and recipe, but long story short, I don’t think I liked it very much.  Essentially, it’s roasted eggplant, garlic and shallots topped with walnuts and tossed with yogurt and dill.  I just wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be. Is it a salad?  Is it a side?  I had decided it was my main course, but the attitudy eggplant was more like, “I do what I want.”

And now I have leftovers.  Do I heat them up?  Eat them cold?  Let them sit in my fridge until I realize it’s April and something made in February desperately needs to be tossed?

Eggplant – 2.  Megan – 0.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?  Hell no.  I’m too stubborn for that.  This is not over.

If you’re intrigued, and maybe if you happen to like eggplant more than I do, you can find the recipe from Food Network here.


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