Remember this girl?  The one who was all, “I’m going to make February my bitch.”  I guess I didn’t expressly say it in my new month resolution post, but my plan was to work out every day in the pretty little month of February.


My motivation didn’t go anywhere, but my common sense kicked in.  I was taking a break from running because of my knees.  I thought the pain that came on after my race would go away with rest, but resting from running is not resting.  Going about my day-to-day activities left me grimacing and the thought of working out filled me with dread.

After googling, “when should you go to a doctor for a sports injury?” I realized that the correct answer is “when you google, ‘when should you go to a doctor for a sports injury?'”

I want to get back to running like yesterday.  I want someone who understands that motivation and I want someone who will help me prevent future injuries.

So…I am seeing a sports medicine specialist tomorrow.  I picked him because his waiting room is destined to be filled with hot baseball players and golfers he works with serious athletes. 


I imagine this means he will laugh at me and say, “aww, you hurt your little knees running 13 little miles? I’m so sorry.  Now suck it up, stretch, foam roll and get a massage for that tight quad.”

One way or another, this detour is going to get back on track.


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