A Knee Update

As I expected (or at least hoped), my knee is bugging me because of my IT band and my doctor believes it’s because of weakness in my hip. 

His prescription is physical therapy for strengthening exercises, foam rolling to continue to lengthen the band, cross-training and…

Drumroll please…

Returning to running in two to three weeks with a slow build back to my desired weekly mileage! 

I feel much better knowing and having an action plan.  And I feel better after seeing my x-rays.  My joints look great and I’ve got a lot of miles left in these wonderful legs of mine.

Oh, and I was the youngest and most fit person in the office.  By a lot.  Oh well.

{Diagram and Iliotibial Band Syndrome information here}


3 thoughts on “A Knee Update

  1. I’m glad you’re going to be able to return to running in the next few weeks. I’ve really started to up my running, thanks to your inspiration.

    Right now I’ve decided to alternate between running for speed and running for distance. Today was a speed day and I ran a mile in 6:38. Tomorrow is a distance day and the goal is to run 4 miles in 32 minutes. We’ll see if I can last for it, I may chicken out and set a 9 minute pace instead of the 8 minute pace.

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