Seven Summits – Shaw and North

Looking out the window at work today, I could see the storm clouds rolling in.  I was itching to get out to tackle the two peaks I had planned as part of my seven in seven before the sky opened up.   I made it and the dreariness meant the trails were a little less crowded than yesterday.

Shaw Butte, 5 miles

View from halfway up.  And a cigarette I found around that spot.  How does THAT work?

Must. Pass. Man. Wearing. Pajama. Pants.

And I totally did, but I didn’t think it was appropriate to turn around and take a picture of him eating my dust.

Made it to the top!

North Mountain, 1.6 miles

My former pastor told me (via Facebook, isn’t that adorable?!) that he likes to do Shaw and when he’s up for it, head up North as well.  They’re both part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve in North Phoenix.  Actually six of the seven peaks are considered to be part of this group of parks, so it’d be pretty easy to spend a day doing all of them (and there are challenges that encourage locals to do so), but as a newbie, two was good for me!

A quick little jaunt to the top, pretty steep, but almost all paved.  The storm clouds were rolling in and a few drops were starting to fall, so I jogged a bit each way and didn’t spend too much time.  It got windy up there!

Please accept these pictures as proof that I’m not THAT girl who cares about how she looks whilst exercising!

My booty and calves were a little sore today and then after the two peaks and a 30-minute drive home, it was more of an on-fire feeling!  I foam rolled and stretched and plan to do it again before bed.


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