Seven Summits – Shadow and Lookout(ish)

I woke up early again this morning and should have taken the hint.  But I dillydallied for a bit before heading out. That’s foreshadowing, y’all…dun dun DUN.

Shadow Mountain, 1 mile

I’m not too familiar with North Phoenix, so I had a bit of trouble finding Shadow Mountain and the unofficial parking, which is really just in a neighborhood.  Shadow is the baby of the bunch and it was a cute, fun, little (non) trail.

There were drawings all over the rocks on the top of the very small peak, some of which you can kinda see to my right there. 

Note that, while not one of the 300 days of sunshine Phoenix gets annually, it doesn’t look totally dreadful out.  The temps were in the high 40s when I started out, which would usually make me cringe, but it really didn’t feel that “cold.”

HOWEVER…by the time I got back to my car, the rain had started to fall.  Lovely little sprinkles really.

Lookout Mountain (ish)

Lookout is another short summit tail and only about a mile from Shadow, but I was greeted by THIS as I approached:

What?  Turn around now, you say?

But I was RIGHT there.  It was ONE, little mile roundtrip. 

This is the ominous peak from the bottom:

I like running in the rain.  I like flying in the clouds.  I figured it would be fun.  It wasn’t. 

I felt like a badass starting out, but the rain started really coming down. I’m not sure how close I got because I couldn’t really see down or up when I decided to turn around.

On my way back, I saw a trail sign that I had apparently missed on the way up because it was pointing the OTHER direction.  I had been looking down to get my footing and keep the rain out of my eyes.  No wonder the “trail” I was on seemed difficult and not really like a trail at all.

Pretty damn happy to be back in the car.

And this is why my schedule has built-in torrential downpour insurance coverage!  This is not over, Lookout Mountain!


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