Seven Summits – Lookout and South

Lookout Mountain, 1 mile

What a difference a day makes!

It was a cold, but beautiful day to finish my hikes!

This is the trail sign I missed yesterday in the rain:

In my defense, to the left of the post, it looks suspiciously like a trail:

But, today I followed directions and lo and behold, ended up at my destination!  I’m telepathically telling you “SIX!”

South Mountain, 7 miles

South Mountain is one of the largest urban parks in the world.  It is the only one of the mountains I had hiked before, but I had always stuck to the easy trails on the east side of the range. 

The summit trail (which was a combo of a trail + a road) starts pretty much in the middle of the mountain range, winding through a canyon, up to the peak. 

I really liked the beginning of the hike for that reason.  The view was much different from the others.  All desert preserve, all the way.  But, the last mile to the top was up a steep, two-lane road – little scary!

Then I reached the top.  Along with a bunch of lazies who just drove there.  I had no idea this was an option!

Oh well.  I earned it and I was so happy to be at the top of my seventh peak!

Why, yes, that is the sign for seven.  And, oh yeah, Go Devils!


2 thoughts on “Seven Summits – Lookout and South

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