The Ugly Run

Remember that girl who ran a half-marathon less than a month ago? 

Oh hey there she is.  But, yeah, me neither.

Although I have that lovely red glow and am seemingly gasping for air singing along with my race mix, that 13.1 miles felt good! 

Earlier this week I ran just one and it felt UGLY!  My Garmin told me it wasn’t so bad, but I was half-expecting passers-by to stop and tell me that I wasn’t being chased anymore and could stop with the spastic, pained-faced running.

Note to self:  this is why you don’t take time off after a race! (Or in a perfect world, why you don’t get injured and require time off.)

Today was slightly better.  I did strength training and a mix of cross-training and running (to and from the gym) and it felt good, couldn’t get the smile off my face (which might have also had something to do with the fact that it was Friday)!

It’s definitely time to get back to it and make running feel consistently pretty again!  I want to feel race-ready again. I’m running tomorrow whether it’s pretty or not and start official training for my next race next week!


One thought on “The Ugly Run

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