The Less Ugly Run

When I first moved I wasn’t running very much because I didn’t know the area so I was afraid of getting lost.  I started using Map My Run to plot out routes and ironically, now I’m a little bored with them!

Let’s face it.  Running can get monotonous.  You end up pounding a lot of the same pavement over and over again.  During some long runs you might see new things.  On my longest run of my half-training, I actually ran all the way to my office and back (although, since I drive that five days a week, not too sure it counts as “new”)!

The change of scenery trick was something I learned when I was still pretty new to running.  I would drive to a different area and run there.  I was always surprised at how consistently I could run in a new area (whereas running my old routes, I found myself falling back on walking intervals) and how fast my pace was (um, because I was running the whole time, duh).

A change of scenery was in order for my return to real running this morning because I knew I’d be tempted to walk, so I headed to a local park and knocked out three (less ugly) miles in about 32 minutes. Everything felt pretty good and when my body second-guessed itself, my motivation kicked in and kept me going. 

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my Garmin?!  It’s so awesome to be able to run without really knowing the area and still track my mileage.

Totally unrelated, but I have to share…

On my way home, I saw the funniest – more strange than haha – thing.  First, there was an awkwardly placed water station on the side of the road and a few runners wearing bibs here and there.  At the next major intersection, one of the runners was talking to a race official who was directing him across the street (times two) to continue on the route. 

Then the poor runner had to wait for the light.  Then he crossed and had to wait for the other light.  He had a good attitude about it at least, but it was so random! 

I got home and tried to figure out what mess of a race it was.  Trust me, I pore over local race listings trying to fit them into my calendar, but never came across this one that was practically in my backyard.  But, with the randomness of it, I don’t think I wasn’t missing much.


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