Ode to Mickey D’s Oatmeal

I’m not a huge fan of fast food.  It kind of confuses me honestly, but I like oatmeal and enjoy something warm in my tummy on a cold (you know, like 58 degrees) day. 

So when I saw McDonald’s new oatmeal offering I kinda wanted to try it. Plus, I snagged a free coupon from a friend’s late night fast food run.  How are you going to say no to free?  Today I passed by a Mickey D’s and remembered that coupon burning a whole in my wallet. 

I’ve heard some not-so favorable things about the oatmeal, not that I expected it to be amazingly healthy coming from a fast food place and all. As quick-serve oatmeal goes, nutritionally, McDonald’s oatmeal is on par with Jamba Juice and Starbucks, who basically have better marketing.

I’m guessing Bittman’s thought about once you’re in McD’s you’re likely to opt for something else anyway is pretty accurate because (A) the staff seemed surprised to be selling one and (B) they weren’t too sure about how to make it.  But, it turned out well and was pretty filling. 

By “passed by” I meant, “on my way home from the gym.”  For shame! 

Next time I’ll remember that I can order it “my way” with no cream, no brown sugar, which, admittedly might make it not as delicious.

In a pinch, worse decisions could be made, but for the most part I’ll stick to homemade.  Currently I’m making my way through my silo of Quaker Quick Oats and then plan on jumping on the Coach’s Oats love train!


One thought on “Ode to Mickey D’s Oatmeal

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