On Sore Muscles and Terrorists

Currently, I’m exerting a lot of effort to make it look like I’m not exerting a lot effort.  I want to do the old-lady groan every time I get out of my chair and grimace as I shuffle around.

My strength training session yesterday was awesome and by awesome I mean, damn.  Thank you very much, jumping bench lunges. 

Like this:


…and then you jump on the up. 

I recently got into a debate about whether a fit, active person should be sore after strength training.  I think so.  I like to feel like I worked my muscles.  Strength training is essentially breaking down your muscle fibers and having them rebuild (stronger and bigger). 

That being said, there are things I could have done yesterday to ease the soreness at least a little, that I kinda, sorta, maybe neglected.  I left the gym and planned on stretching and foam rolling at home, but this is the downside of having a foam roller at home.  Once I was there, I was distracted by other things. (Like McDonald’s oatmeal!)

In a perfect world, I would have rolled and stretched right after and then again last night while watching the Oscars. Lesson learned. Moving on…

I’m also currently kicking myself for not getting up and going to the gym this morning.  It’s so hard on Mondays!  I’m squeezing it in later (post-work, pre-volunteer meeting, pre-date…since when am I actually busy?!), so that’s not a big deal.  The big deal is that when I snooze my gym alarm, my mind gets back at me with awful dreams during that extra hour of sleep. 

Seriously.  This morning it was being held hostage by terrorists.  They were kinda nice, you know, for terrorists, but I would have been much better off at the gym!  I’ll take sore muscles any day.


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