Happy Training Kick-Off Day!

After my last race, I paused.  It was a combination of training burnout (I had been following – and loving – a training plan since the very beginning of December), my knee pain and a lack of focus. 

I kicked it back in gear with my weekend of hiking, then started back in with cross-training and got a real run in last Saturday

But, today…wonderful today…marks the official start of my training plan for my next race.  T-minus 47 days! 

My last two races had cross-the-finish-line goals.  For this next one, a 4.2 mile race, it’s all about speed.  This is the biggest race I’ve done – it actually has corrals! – and while my history with running told me to estimate a finish time of 42 minutes, my sense of pride landed on 38 because it was the slowest time the organizers still grouped with the “runners.”

I beg to differ, but I get it…your game, your rules.

So, please excuse me while I build my leg muscles, increase my stamina and break down the mental block of running, what I consider to be, fast.


2 thoughts on “Happy Training Kick-Off Day!

  1. You’re already used to running long distances. Increasing your tempo really won’t be that hard. I was shocked by how fast I could run, and I can’t run for as long as you can. It’s just a different kind of stamina.

    47 days to reach a 9:05 mile – you can totally do it. I believe in you and will be here cheering you on as you go!

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