Pretty Pale

The other day, I found myself in the middle of a conversation about tanning.  It was ridiculous to me, but I kept my comments to myself as my friends compared memberships and timing and appropriate levels of nudity.

Well, almost.  I did let one, “wow, that really IS a good price for skin cancer,” slip.  Oops.

I live in Arizona and I get a lot of my exercise outside.   I love the feel of warm sun on my skin. A little tan is inevitable, but with a family history of skin cancer, I hate the idea of increasing my risk.  I’m not immune to the messages that tan is beautiful, but I’m not a sucker for them either. 

Call me crazy…or better yet, call me an independent thinker, but in my mind:

pale skin > believing you need to change to be beautiful


pale skin > tan wrinkles


pale skin > orange skin


pale skin > people laughing at you, taking your picture and submitting it to because you have become a tanorexic (warning: this site is an addicting train wreck!)


pale skin > skin cancer



Instead of wasting your time and health in the name of vanity, slap on some (SOME) self-tanner and do something legitimately productive with your time!


2 thoughts on “Pretty Pale

  1. Take it from a skin cancer survivor, Pale is the NEW tan (or use self tanners) I have to wear sunblock or sunscreen everyday, even in the winter. I’ll take doing that versus the alternative of getting melanoma or more skin cancer. 🙂

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