I WILL Run Today

Plan A:  Four miles on Wednesday morning.

Plan B:  Two margaritas + a late (for me) bedtime on Tuesday.

Plan C:  Swap Wednesday’s miles for Friday’s cross-training.

Plan D:  Do 7:42 (yeah, seriously, SEVEN minutes…for shame!) on the elliptical then go back home, go back to bed, sleep in 45 minutes past second alarm, be 30 minutes late to work.

And that’s where we are now.  I have back-up plans for tonight as well though, don’t you worry.

Plan E:  Squeeze in the four miles before my massage, assume that the masseuse has smelled worse.

Plan F:  Stay late at work since I was late getting in, think longingly of the running shoes I have in my car and give up on the excitement of running a new route around the spa.

Plan G:  Run post-massage, which is what I was trying to avoid so that I could just be blissed out and unwind on a stupid Wednesday night. Decide to reward myself for being so dedicated to training that I gave up being blissed out, but then remember it’s officially Lent and I have successfully taken away all of my go-to rewards.  Watch Being Erica on Hulu in bed, fall asleep 15 minutes in.

But…I WILL run today.


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