I’ve Got a City Love

Phoenix gets a bad rap.  Despite multiple (read: confusing) branding efforts and an active calendar of events, the typical POA is to get in, go to your game/concert and GTFO, leaving Phoenix as a virtual ghost town on nights and weekends.

However, this weekend, I gave Phoenix a little more love than I normally do (I’m an east valley girl at heart) and I have to say, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

On Friday, I went to a movie in the park at Biltmore Fashion Park.  It was like a grown-up pajama party!  Yes, there were kids there, but this event is for the adults.  For two months in the spring and two months in the fall, the shopping center shows classic and new-classic movies (this week: Top Gun) on their center lawn on Friday nights at 7:30.  Attendees show up at least an hour early to stake their claim to some grass with blankets and pillows and chairs.  Picnic baskets or take out from the center’s restuarants and contraband alcohol also add to the ambiance of the evening!

Then on Saturday, I volunteered at the Devoured Culinary Classic at the Phoenix Arts Museum.  This event was amazing.  All the buzzed-about local restaurants (some too trendy for their own good and some worthy of the hype) set up booths and cook all day, handing out samples to hungry attendees!  There’s also plenty of wine and beer!

Granted, I skipped the opportunity to make it a three-peat and hit Phoenix again on Sunday to go back to Devoured’s second day because it’s a bit of a drive, but I was really impressed with the fun things going on in the city.  While downtown on Saturday, I also saw the St. Patrick’s Day parade and Phoenix’s Great Urban Race participants running all over.

I guess it’s just that season because there were plenty of other things to do around the valley all weekend.  The beautiful weather this time of year is the reason people live here and everyone is out enjoying it. 

Check out your city’s calendar of events from local newspapers and on about.com (my main sources) and find unique things to love about and fun things to do in the place you choose to live!

Photo Credit: Biltmore image


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