On Earning Your Ass

My long run on Saturday – even though I was condemned to the treadmill – was FAAAN-tastic.  I always feel like a total bad ass when I have to STOP and QUICK START again because I’m running over the 60 minute limit.  Perhaps I should just feel slow?

8 miles, 1:22:45, for the record.  I even knocked out mile six at my upcoming race pace (9:00). 

I was kept entertained by ABC Family and the last half-hour or so of My Girl (the absolutely WRONG time to come into that movie, I was tearing up by the half-mile mark) and part of Can’t Buy Me Love.  I have a soft spot in my heart for that movie because, well, A. it’s cheesy 80s high school romcom at its finest and B. it was filmed in Tucson and very few producers or writers deem Arizona a setting cool enough for a movie or a book.

I also watched a lot of commercials, which I used to throw in some intervals to keep me from getting too bored.

A completely over-aired commercial for Reebok also gave me something to think about.  Apparently, to get a sexy booty and toned legs, I could do this:

You know, dance around my house in panties and tennis shoes.  Or, I realized, I could keep up with what I was doing. 

Even though I was a sweaty mess at that point, even though I’ve been struggling this week, no question. I’ll take the hard work, dedication, sweat and commitment any day.*

*And this is, of course, ignoring the fact that there IS no easy way out or quick fix.


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