Work Hard, Play Hard

One of the best things about running is that I don’t feel a DAMN bit guilty when I play.

This weekend, I ran 13 miles and did weights, so I knew I earned an afternoon of fun in the sun at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival’s Great Arizona Picnic.

The festival itself is apparently one of the longest running culinary events in Arizona, but I’d never even heard of it to be honest.  In my defense, this IS the first year I’ve lived in Scottsdale. 

I was planning on going with a group of girlfriends on Sunday, and I had so much fun at Devoured that I volunteered on Saturday.  (The festival is put on to benefit the Scottsdale League for the Arts.)  At the volunteer meeting, everyone laughed when the presenter said he always worried about rain on the picnic weekend.  Rain and cold weather in Arizona in April?  Yeah, right.

Fast-forward to Saturday.  The high was in the 50s and it was rainy and windy.  It was so miserable selling beer and wine to the few people who were braving it, that it was actually fun.  Plus, Grimaldi’s gifted the workers in my booth with a pizza, so that helped!  The organizers actually ended up calling it early, and I heard, honoring Saturday tickets on Sunday.

After a few messages back and forth, sundresses were decided upon for Sunday (what a difference a day makes) and it ended up being the perfect day for it!  Besides the fun I had, my volunteering also earned me a Sunday ticket and a pre-loaded card to buy food and drinks. 

We went in right when they opened at noon and wandered around.  And so did everyone else and their mom.  It was packed!

The goal was drinks and food from restaurants we’d never been to before.  Chipotle, Kona, Roka Akor and Macayo’s were all there, but come on, how about something new?!  I had a taco from The Compound Grill booth and a margarita from the Patron experience hosted by The Mission.  Okay, a few margaritas!

The GAP was so much fun, now I understand why it’s such a tradition in the Valley!  Another great way to soak up the beautiful springtime weather.


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