Run. Walk. Honor.

While I was excited to be a part of Pat’s Run this year, I kinda scoffed at the race because I’m not a fan of “short” (distances I do on my own regularly) races, but after today, I have mad respect for short distance runners! 

Mad respect for these guys too:


The race started at 7, but just a half-mile in, it was feeling pretty toasty.  I love servicemen and women and love that these two were truly honoring Tillman.

Now, just because I scoffed at the distance is not to say I didn’t prepare.  I trained for about a month and a half to finish at my goal time and once again, even though at some points in training, it FELT like it wasn’t working, training did not let me down! 

My official time was 35:44 (and let’s all remember, the goal was 38)!

Remember when I said everyone and their mom was at the GAP last weekend?  Everyone and their mom and their grandma and their grandma’s BFF, Ethel, was at Pat’s Run! 

It was my first corralled race and it was mostly a good system, except there were definitely some hoppers, which was unfortunate.  Darting and weaving and avoiding elbows was the name of the game. 

I’m in here somewhere:


Controlling 30,000 people can’t be easy, but the race organizers did a great job and everyone (volunteers, participants) was happy to be there, which made being in a huge crowd a lot easier.  They had a reunion area and a festival with even more friendly vendors. 

My mom came along and had such fun just watching that she verbally committed to doing it next year!*

This is my reward for a job well done:

…and it should be arriving at my door in 3-5 business days.  A little early for tri training, which (spoiler alert) starts in 2.5 months, but I earned it dang it!

I’m running out of rewards for being so awesome and have my last race of the season coming up next month, any suggestions?!

*You see what I did there, Mom?  I put it in the blog, you HAVE to do it now!  C25K here you come!


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