A Creature of Habit

Running is on hiatus.  This is my pattern with injuries (another knee thing from my last race) and from what I’ve read elsewhere in bloggyland, many people deal with them the same way:

First you think you can run through an injury.

Then you can’t so you think you’ll pull back.  My pulling back meant figuring out that my “too fast, knee is trying to give out on me” pace is anything above 5.5 on the tread, so I had some lovely jogs.

Then pulling back isn’t so much pulling back.  I was still trying to work out according to my training schedule, because my interval days only call for quick quarter-miles at a time and that’s not too bad.  I worked in about half of my goal intervals on that day.

Then it affects you in your everyday life (because you’re not actually pulling back), not just while running – like yesterday I wondered if I was just using it as an excuse to be lazy, but when it hurt going down the stairs, I was vindicated – so you take an actual break.

And while on that actual break, you get a little jealous when you see other runners out taking advantage of the 65 degree, light at 5:30 kind of mornings we’re blessed with here in Arizona. 

But, you ride your bike and do some other cross-training.  Then you get actually lazy and fall into drinking beer, staying up late and sleeping through the royal wedding!  The horror!

Okay, so this might have all happened in just the past two days.  Why does two days of not running seem sooo long?  It didn’t hurt down the stairs this morning and I even did them twice because my Friday brain forgot to take our phone to work. 

Tonight is for happy hour, tomorrow is for back-to-back activities, so that means Sunday is the day.  I just decided. 

I love the fresh start of a new month.  May + me + my knee = rocking it.


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