Bummer, man!

I like running smaller charity races, but the gamble with them is the dreaded cancel.

Yep, that happened. 

Run for Ryan was supposed to be next weekend, but I got a message yesterday that their registration isn’t where they wanted it to be and the race was cancelled.  I’m pretty sure this is all my fault because I’ve been sending bad juju their way ever since I signed up. 

I was lamenting running six miles outside in the middle of May.

I had a knee injury from Pat’s Run that killed my training and had me wondering if I’d be ready to PR like I wanted. The realization went something like this: “oh shit, the 10K is in two weeks and I haven’t been running at ALL recently, let alone doing any speed work.” 

I have an invite to go out the night before, which had me weighing the option of “do another 10K hungover” with “DON’T do another 10K hungover.”

So, I apologize, Run for Ryan and The Ryan Thomas Foundation.  When it all came down to it, I really DID want to run the race, and I promise, I wouldn’t have even shown up drunk. 

I guess I’m hanging up my racing shoes until September now.


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