Get Right

I’m working my way through the latest season of Mad Men on DVD and in the episode I watched last night, it was revealed through flashbacks how Don actually got his start at Sterling Cooper, which made me laugh and I just love a smart show that makes me laugh out loud.  

Another moment that got me in the same episode was when a determined young man seeking a position with the agency (which was the catalyst for the flashbacks) says to Don, “You know what they say, ‘aspiration is just as good as perspiration.'”  To which Don replies, “That’s not how it goes.”

I’m overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of races and being awesome.  My book list is full of inspiration – The Long Run, Second WindRun Like a Girl – and I’m going to read them all and become even more excited, but researching races and patio sitting + wine + reading about other people running does not an athlete make.

Now, I’ve also been perspiring this week as I’ve been getting back to running, but with my still-at-times twingey knee, a cancelled race that took my training schedule and dumped it on its head and, oh yeah, this thing called lazy, it’s been a minimal perspiration. 

On Monday I decided that if I can just get myself out of bed every morning, lace up and run to a certain stop sign that is one-and-a-half miles from my house, turn around and come back, I would call it good for the day.  And of course, I’d still do a long run on the weekend. 

However, my awesome 10th grade math skills helped me figure out that that ain’t not going to get me to my 1000 mile goal for 2011. 

Oh yeah, did I mention I want to run I’m going to run one THOUSAND miles in 2011?

I’m not so much on track, but I’m not so far off either.

Anyway, it’s not just my stubbornness that had me thinking three junk miles a day plus a tortured long run every week wasn’t going to cut the cheese.

Don:  “Uh, Meg?  That’s not how it goes.”

Go screw a waitress and never call her again, Don, I’m making a point here.

It hit me when I heard another quote this week that spoke to me.

Are you making progress or excuses?

It’s really got to be one or the other.  So last night I pulled a two-a-day and started training toward my goal of running four consecutive miles at an eight-minute pace.  This morning, I added a hill, added a new loop and instead of three just-get-it-done miles, I ran five-and-a-half fun, beautiful and enjoyable miles just because it was Friday and I love Friday and I love running (even when I hate it).

I definitely think that exercise is exercise and it’s all good even if you’re not feeling it, but every now and then you have to remind yourself that if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


One thought on “Get Right

  1. “Are you making progress or excuses?” is a great quote — one I think I’m going to slap on a Post-It note and stick on my computer monitor! And it applies to every facet of life, too, which is inspiring. Must keep moving forward!

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