The Amazon Shopping Cart of Doom (and Other Fabulous Things)

This is a very serious post about the dangers of online shopping.  Point, click, enter 16 numbers and I get an exciting delivery just a few days later?!  Yes, please. 
But, you see?  Very dangerous.  On the bright side, I am pretty excited about the books that will soon be on their way to my front door:
After searching all the local libraries, I discovered these books are nowhere to be found and realized they’re probably best to own anyway.  I NEED strength training motivation (and variety) and have a plan for my tri, but there’s still time for tweaking.
Oh yeah, there was also a plane ticket to Las Vegas (August…bachelorette party…be jealous) and I HAD to grab that $20 at Old Navy for $10 Groupon.  It is swim suit and dress season after all!
Now that it’s out of my system, I’m good and will return to responsible adulthood shortly!

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