A Good Kind Of Bad

I’ve had an ongoing debate with different people about whether you can enjoy something you’re bad at.  I think you can and if you’ve ever been to a karaoke bar, you know that’s the truth. 
I wasn’t “good” at running when I started and even now, I have some days I consider myself good, but still some that I think I’m not “good” (although 22-year-old Meg would have her jaw on the floor at my “easy” runs these days). 
I’ve not liked yoga in the past and originally I thought it was because I was bad at it.  My flexibility is horrible and classes usually start with a very basic forward fold, in which I’m barely forward, let alone folded.  But somehow since I’ve started practicing this month, I like it and I wonder, how can that be?  I’m BAD.
But then we move on and warrior II makes me feel like a badass. Then classes move to strength poses.  My handstands make me want to kiss my delts, biceps and triceps.  Balance poses?  I got this!  I love tree and dancer.  Strength + balance?  Yes please!  My instructor said my crow last night was “perfect.” Ah.
So maybe my opinion now is, you can enjoy something you’re not good at, but being good at some parts make it better (like the karaoke rockstars who are really good at swaying during the bridge). 
Revel in what you’re good at and it helps you stick to it to improve what you’re not so good at. 

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