A Meggy-Do Weekend

People who constantly talk about how busy and/or tired they are kind of bug me, particularly when it turns into a contest.  I am not busier or more tired than you and I won’t play.
It seems that everyone is busy and everyone is tired, but everyone is responsible for how busy (or on the flip side, how bored) and/or tired he or she is, so what I’m screamin’ is if you’re going to complain about it, change it, but then, really, what would these people have to talk about?
I’ve been a nice amount of busy lately and although I’m not tired (thank you exercise and coffee), I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier because I know my body will thank me for it!
This weekend, however, I’m SOOO busy and have SOOO much to do.  I know I said it’s not a competition, but just take a peek at my Meggy-Do list and see if you can keep up:
Movie date with myself to finally see Bridesmaids.  I want to be Kristen Wiig when I grow up. Currently brainstorming what type of snacks to eat during this blessed event.
Two yoga classes and run, of course.  As we all know, these two things are done with a smile on my face and love in my heart.
Hang out at a trendy poolside bar with some of my favorite ladies. 
Read my latest library book.  I checked out three the other day, so I guess I have some difficult decisions to make.
Read some of the magazines I subscribe to but never seem to read.  Or don’t.
Make a list of things to do when I go to Vegas for a bachelorette party in August.
As the fantastic Vegas commercials say, “Life is short.  Summer is shorter.”  I love weekends like this when I get to soak it up!

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