Walk the Walk

I was driving myself crazy with talking the tri talk, so I officially signed up over the holiday weekend.  Yes, the Fourth of July holiday weekend that was, yes, two weeks ago, so yes, I’m a little behind! 

I also signed up for a spot in Red Rock’s open water swim clinic about a month before the event, but then found out that I’ll be in lovely San Diego that day instead.  I will never complain about a company-sponsored trip to the beach, but really?!  Talk about some bad timing. 

I’ve got two and a half months and I’m sure I can find another opportunity to jump in a cold lake with a bunch of other crazies between now and then.  Until I do, I joined a gym!

I’m sad to leave my yoga studio, but I joined a pretty, little (big) gym that gives me awesome yoga classes and an adult-sized pool (two actually with LOTS of lanes) and spin classes and of course my beloved treadmills because I’m still too much of a wuss to take it outside.  I better get over that ASAP since it won’t be much cooler on the day of the race!   

I guess I’m really doing this…kinda excited, kinda scared, totally ready to get ready!


2 thoughts on “Walk the Walk

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