The Monster at the End of This Week

My favorite book when I was a kid was The Monster at the End of This Book. Don’t ask me why, but I loved it. Perhaps because I was am an ornery little thing and enjoy that loveable, furry old Grover is telling me to do one thing and I’m doing another.

That book taught me that good things are followed by scary things that turn out to be not so scary after all.

That being said, I made it through the first three weeks of tri training and am at my first pull back week! I didn’t do pull backs for my half training and completely hit a wall about a month before the race, so I’m really happy that the plan I found and am following for the tri has them every fourth week.

I swam just 1000 meters last night and since it didn’t seem that daunting, didn’t do any sets, just swam and flipped until I was done.  I think the guy next to me thought we were racing, but I spent most of the time in his wake and if I could have had five minutes with him to teach him flip turns, he would have killed it even more.  Good work, buddy. 

This morning I only felt an itty bit guilty sneaking out of spin class at the :45 mark.  Yes, I’m spinning for my bike training (for shame), but it’s better than the recumbent and I’m still missing the adapter piece to make my pump actually work for my tires and it’s so hot outside and when I run out of excuses, I’ll get out there for my longer rides, I promise! 

Anyway, usually I’ll go over and above more often than not, but my heart wasn’t in it – partially because I knew I could cut out, partially because biking and I aren’t as good of friends as I was expecting to be – and the beauty of the training plan is that you do what it says and you move on with your life…or, like, you know, get to work on time.

My run tomorrow is so little it makes me sad, then I rest (well, take the yoga class that makes my knees sweat) then another easy-peasy swim, then…dun dun dun…

The scary thing lurking at the end of my glorious pull back week? My first brick workout. 

Now, sweataholic Rose – who is doing the same tri as me in the fall! – has been doing bricks on the reg, so it can’t be that bad, right? But Caitlin says bricks are named as such because your legs feel like bricks at the end!  What’s a tri girl to believe?

I’ve been doubling up with one of the sports and yoga in the same day a few times a week – and when it’s swim then yoga, my arms are toast at the end! – but this Saturday I’ll get my first taste of back-to-back sports.  Biking then running, to be specific.  It’s a little taste really, but it is going to earn me a mani-pedi day with my mom and sis and an early birthday celebration!


2 thoughts on “The Monster at the End of This Week

  1. Oh, I’m not doing *real* bricks. There’s usually at least 20 minutes inbetween the stuff that I’m doing. I do have bricks scheduled in a few weeks. UG.

    “Sweataholic!” I love it!

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