A Pretty Active Birthday

People with summer birthdays are brats. As someone with a summer birthday, it’s totally okay for me to say so.

Half of them (myself included) are Leos, making us predisposed to brattiness anyway, but mostly we never had to go to school on our birthdays. They were special days filled with wonderful summer things.

So, where does that leave the brats as adults? The company I currently work for actually encourages this diva behavior as well and although I went to work on my birthday (last Wednesday), I get a day off this month just for having been born! 

But, the real question is…to work out or not work out on your birthday? 

I think that birthdays birthday weeks birthday MONTHS are about doing whatever you want and this year, I surprised myself a little because I wanted to get in my run and actually attempted my first outdoor run in months. Attempted because even though it was 5:30, it was 90, so we’ll call it interval training.

Then, I left work a little early to “treat” myself to my first hot yoga class.  Happy birthday, self, now go sweat your ass off! And yes, I see the irony of complaining about a hot 20-minute run and then willingly going into a really hot 75-minute class!

[The “hot” yoga was a baby step up from the 90-degree studio at my gym, but didn’t have the humidity of a full-on hot yoga experience.]

And furthermore, DO calories really NOT count on your birthday? 

As much as I wanted cake for breakfast, turning 27 is a little different from turning 8 and I knew my tummy would not like me for the rest of the morning if I attempted that, but the THREE celebration dinners I had in the last week have been fantastic and, surprisingly, calorie-free 😉


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