False Confidence

I’ve been trying to take at least one of my twice weekly runs outside, partially because I don’t see the point in going to the gym to run on the treadmill for the itty bitty times my training calls for and partially because I miss running outside.

Well, make that…I think I miss running outside until I do it and fail miserably. It’s hot, I can’t keep my pace up and I end up walking way more than I would like and I’m still sore afterward. What’s up with that?

My treadmill runs have been decent but have given me a false sense of confidence about where my running ability is these days.  On the treadmill (in a climate-controlled environment, with entertainment and my pride), I can still rock out a pretty decent run, but that was so not my experience outside this morning.

Earlier this summer I was knocking out double-digits for fun, but now that my runs are time-based, my endurance is down down down. I know that I traded it for increased swim and bike endurance to get me through all the legs of my tri and more than that, I know this is when running becomes a mental sport because I know my legs and lungs can do it for me…

BUT…I’m definitely looking forward to picking out my next mid-distance race and training for mileage again this fall, you know, like when it’s not hot as hell outside and when (knock on unrotted wood), I will be moving very close to an amazing running area!


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