My milk expires in September.

I bought milk last night. I’m leaving town this weekend and probably didn’t need a whole gallon of milk, but me and milk? It’s a love thing. Please don’t try to get between us.

I rationalized by seeking out the latest expiration date in the display and found a September 1st, which led to a “how is September so close that milk can expire then?” moment.

September sounds very fall-like, but the reality in Arizona is that summer is hanging around for a few more months.  Heat or no, September is bringing some very exciting things:

  • My triathlon, of course!
  • The return of race season, which, when I’m not participating, is volunteering season.
  • My sister’s wedding shower…looks like someone’s going to the chapel.
  • Steelers games and football Sundays in general.
  • The beginning of Girls on the Run practices…I haven’t talked about this at all because it’s still up in the air, but I might be an assistant coach this season. Might because it’s the first season this particular school has had the program and the need for multiple coaches depends on the number of girls who sign up.  I attended coach training last weekend just in case and I’m so excited to be a part of it if it pans out (and if not, I’ll be a running buddy and sign up as a spring season coach)!
  • And finally, September brings close of escrow and keys and moving into my very first home!  Uh, yeah, I also haven’t talked about this because it’s in the delicate early stages, but I’m super excited about it, so there it is!

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