Pretty Active In Vegas

My best intentions for this weekend were early morning runs and a few yoga sessions.  I’m not really sure how I thought those were going to happen since I was in Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. 

If there is ever a good excuse to blow off a training plan, it’s a bachelorette party in Las Vegas.  It wasn’t so wild and crazy, but girl time + the heat + lack of resources (Las Vegas Boulevard is in serious need of some yoga studios in case anyone is interested in providing the start-up funds for me!) made it a little difficult to get in much training. Logistically, running on the strip probably isn’t as cool or easy as it seems at ANY time of the day anyway…thus the cut-off for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon later this year.

Before the other bachelorettes arrived, I was able to squeeze in a good yoga class at my gym’s sister gym in Summerlin.  This was a priority because after the drive there I wanted to just stretch and twist and get off the strip and breathe.  There was also a lot of walking and of course there was Saturday morning spent by the pool sweating it out like I was in a sauna, but a hard-core training weekend it was not. 

I got back on track last night with a treadmill run (slash catching up on Jersey Shore) and have more best intentions of following my training plan for the next 28 days…because that’s all that now stands between me and my tri!  I know more trips and wedding stuff and moving aren’t going to make it easy for me, but [insert cheesy quote about easy choices here].


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