Manifesting 27

Inspired by Amber (and a little in awe of how together she has it at just 23…girl is wise beyond her years), I started to make a list of the things I accomplished while I was 26.  Looking back is a nice reminder to be grateful for the good that comes with the bad (and while you’re at it, to be grateful for the bad, even if it takes you a while to get there).

It’s a lovely list, really, but then I decided to focus on manifesting 27 with a list of what I want to say upon turning 28. I’m a little late to that party, so with about 11 months left, here’s what I want to do:

Buy and decorate my first home. Complete my first sprint tri. PR a 10K (and maybe a half-marathon…I can’t decide what role running will have in my life coming up). Coach a Girls on the Run group. Start freelancing and expand my design and HTML experience. Write to my little heart’s content. Get a dog. Take an awesome trip. Top off my emergency fund. 


So, I wrote all that, but just saved it as a draft, thinking I might not actually publish it.  Honestly, four of those things are already in the works so they almost feel like cheats. A fifth is pretty much in the bag considering I ran my first and only 10K hungover. 

But, then I went to my reader and found And Then She Saved’s recent post and this image:


Dear Universe, I get it.

Part of the reason I considered censoring was because life has been whispering a few different things at me lately. 

The first is that I can’t possibly dream as big as the things that are actually in store for me anyway.  That doesn’t mean I believe in passively waiting for fate.  I believe in focusing on what I want while being open to receiving anything else that comes my way. Acceptance and openness have been my intentions during yoga practices lately, probably because I just heard this quote from Oprah:

When you’re open to receiving them, the possibilities just keep coming.

That’s kind of why I love Oprah. Because keeping that in mind, she also said:

You define your own life, don’t let other people write your script.

You CAN have it both ways.

The other thing life has been whispering, that maybe seems contradictory, but I see it as complementary, is that it has to fall apart so it can come together. Kind of a doomsday hope-for-the-best-prepare-for-the-worst-expect-surprises outlook. Or, the good with the bad, if you will. 

Since I started this post, new opportunities AND a little bit of the falling apart have come my way.  I guess life is over simply whispering at this point.  And I’m ready.

What has the universe been whispering to you lately?


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