Nothing At All (Woohoo Ooh)

Yesterday my training plan called for a day of rest. And. I. Rested.

Not so I only ran two miles in the morning.  Not and I went to my apartment gym and phoned it in while watching guilty pleasure TVNot even but yoga is more about my spirit, so the 75 minute practice I did hardly counts.

I. Rested. 

Yes, this is how I sleep, but no, yesterday’s rest did not include nap time.

Okay, disclaimer, I JUST remembered that yesterday was the first day of Girls on the Run practice and I ran ONE lap with them to keep them moving. 

When I got home, I was already sweaty simply from being outside and I had all intentions of at least going through a few flows on my patio (temps are still at least 100 at that time of the day, so that’s my new hot yoga space!) before rinsing off, but the rinse came first and then I found myself busy for the rest of the night.

Balance is good.  I love that a daily sweat sesh is part of my balance, but sometimes taking a day off to let everything hang loose is good too!


{Image} When I found this image, I learned that tummy sleeping is not just bad for babies, it’s bad for boobs (and necks and backs and wrinkles and snoring), but it’s so comfortable!


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