Girls with Intention

At the first two practices of Girls on the Run, I hung back and watched my experienced head coach do her thing.  Yesterday, I was up! 

Now, I like kids (obviously), but most of my experience is with kindergarten-aged, preschoolers or younger.  Me and the tots?  We get along.  But, I don’t have friends or family close by with school-aged children and I’m not a teacher, so I really don’t spend much time talking to kids.  Well, didn’t until I signed up for this! 

It wasn’t too bad at all.  So what was my first lesson?  While prepping for it the night before, I contemplated changing course and going with something like:


And even though I don’t know that much about kids, I kinda figured that was a little heavy for eight-year-olds, so I decided to, you know, be responsible and go with what the curriculum laid out. 

We talked about living with intention, choosing to be a Girl on the Run, making conscious choices in attitudes and behaviors to respect themselves and others.  Kinda right up my alley and it made me think about why I chose to be a Girl on the Run this season.

I wanted to coach a group – club? team? I still can’t figure out what it is – because I love running and races and I want to share that with young girls. And because encouraging healthy attitudes in little ones is a cause near and dear to me (no, sorry, I wasn’t a fat kid, I’m just really concerned for future generations).

It’s not really about running anyway, although our girls are kicking some serious booty in the workouts already! It’s about helping these girls learn who they are and love who they are and send them into their teenage years with confidence. 

But, who am I kidding?  It’s not really even about the girls.  I love what I get out of volunteering! They’re amusing and insightful and entertaining.  I love that I get to spend two afternoons a week with them.  I even love that during the workout, one of them told me that 27 wasn’t that old.  Thanks, kid.


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