Racing Weight

I pleasantly surprised myself with how well I did in the first three races I ran, but I pretty much had the same thought after each of them…

“Next time, I’m going to run lighter.”

Now, this is NOT a fat talk post. I’m not fat, but for racing purposes, it would always be nice to be carrying a little less weight.

After my first race, I read Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald. It’s about learning to lose weight for performance purposes while still fueling properly for training. He has a whole system of tracking food points mostly based on quality that I never really followed, thus why I consistently had the same thought of wanting to lose weight for the next race.

As much as I focused on training this summer, I didn’t give food a second thought until my mom made me brownies last weekend and put them in the freezer so that I could “save them until after the tri.” Well…that’s one way to do it, but instead, I ate them.  I think she was used to me at least attempting to eat well before my past races. 

I’m not one to eat A LOT of food, but the quality has been a little suspect lately.  As a flexitarian, I probably haven’t had as much protein as I need to properly fuel my training and my workouts haven’t been long or intense enough that I’m concerned with carbo loading.  And of course, I’m never one to deny my sweet tooth.

Even so, over the summer I lost 13 pounds from my high weight I hit in the spring and five pounds from what has pretty much been my weight since high school without too much thought or effort.  Let it be known that I actually weigh what my driver’s license says now!

If ever anyone asks me how to lose weight, I will say yoga four times a week + training for a triathlon six days a week.  Okay, maybe there was some effort, so make that without too much thought.

I’ll find out on Sunday if the loss will make a difference (or if the quality of foods I’ve been eating will cancel it out) or if I’m still singing the same tune about losing weight for the next one!


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