The Tri Bug

As I await pictures from my personal race photographer (ahem, MOM…she was a great cheerleader too!) for my official Nathan Tempe Triathlon race recap, I wanted to post a quick update…I did it and I loved it!

Two days later, my adductors are a little sore and, as seems to happen during all of my races, I tweaked a joint – my ankle this time – so there’s a little tenderness there. 

I also feel a little dehydrated.  After hydrating a ton in the days leading up to the race for fear of it being really warm, I haven’t been taking in enough water since.  Race day was warm, but not noticeably during any part of the race and it even started raining a bit while I was running.

My other big fear was ice-cold lake water.  I’m not really sure why seeing as how I live in Arizona and it’s been at least 105 degrees for the past, oh, four months and Tempe Town Lake isn’t all that big.  The temps were not even wetsuit legal (78 degrees) – not that I had planned on wearing one anyway – and it was actually warmer than the pool I train in!

I also didn’t get kicked in the face or cause a huge bike pile-up (my other concerns), but those details are coming soon!

I rested yesterday and plan to get back to yoga this afternoon and back on the road and in the pool in the next few days. I not only caught the tri bug, I re-caught the race bug and have an exciting race calendar in the works for the upcoming season!


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