Gratitude and Service

Yesterday, my mom and I participated in a charity walk with some family friends.  I was up extra early for no reason, signed up for my next race and then drove down to the Capitol area of Phoenix to the start line. 

I was mad that I couldn’t find a Starbucks en route (they’re seriously on every corner until you WANT to see one) until I got into downtown Phoenix and saw something like this:

People lining up for sandwiches from a van. After having spent the night on the street. Preparing to spend all day on the street. People who would probably be quite happy to have the problem of driving around in their cars with AC (it was warm already) searching for a place to drop $5 on a freaking cup of coffee.

So, then I went and walked for them and UMOM, a shelter for homeless families that provides programs to help them get back on track.  I volunteered at UMOM one afternoon a month when I was in junior high and high school.  I have really great memories of playing sports and doing crafts with the kids who lived there and think that’s probably a big part of why I still love to volunteer today!

The early start to Saturday morning was the start to a very fun weekend that has left me totally pooped out on the couch – and it’s not even mid-afternoon Sunday yet!


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