Three-A-Week 10K

I recently read an old post in which I said I wasn’t going to sign up for the Shun the Sun 10K this year because it was too soon after Weddingpalooza aka October. That race isn’t very close to me anyway and while the start is at a Spring Training ballpark, it’s not a particularly lovely area to run through, so I stuck to not signing up.

Instead, I signed up for a race a week earlier. Oops. I’m running the 3TV Phoenix 10K on November 6th.

You do what you can with what you have, so even though I only have five weeks until race day, which will include a lot of Forced Family Fun for my sister’s wedding next weekend and travel for my college roommate’s wedding, I came up with a plan to build my mileage and speed up my pace while working with my schedule. 

I have the workouts on specific days, but basically the goal is to complete the following runs each week, even if I have to shuffle them:

Week 1:  3 miles; 10/5/5/5/5 tempo run; 4 miles
Week 2:  10 /5/5/10/5 tempo run; 5 miles; 3.5 miles
Week 3:  5 miles; 5/10/10/15/5 tempo run; 6.5 miles
Week 4:  3.5 miles; 5/10/5/10/5/10/5 tempo run; 8 miles
Week 5:  4 miles; 5 miles; 3 miles

“Tempo” for this training is 8:30 and the longer runs will have race pace (9:00) miles added in.  My goal is 56 minutes to the finish line!

My training schedules are always a weird mix of training plans from running coaches who actually know what they’re doing, ideas from other runners and things that have worked for me in the past all mushed together to create something that I think will be doable, exciting AND challenging for me.  How do you come up with training plans?


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