Pretty Active During Weddingpalooza

Weddingpalooza, as I’m referring to October, is truly not that crazy. It’s two weddings, two weeks apart, but I’m in both, so there are a bunch of other activities and commitments (and travel for one of them) involved.

This Saturday, my sister is getting married, and the “events” start today. We’re talking five straight days of Forced Family Fun. I’m still working today and tomorrow and still GOTRing tomorrow, so now the tricky part is to figure out how to keep training a priority when there are pampering seshes to be had, family to love on and champagne to drink. Gosh, what a tough life!

I specifically picked the Nathan Tri because it was at the end of September and I wouldn’t have to try to do any serious training during October, but I am still moving toward my next 10K, which is also turning into the beginning of my next half-marathon training.  More importantly, I know myself enough to know that I need some kind of daily physical activity to feel like a sane person, particularly when things get busy!

So, this week is going to be about balance.  A little slack, but no excuses.  Morning sweat is a must…then let the fun begin!


5 thoughts on “Pretty Active During Weddingpalooza

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