An Important Reward

Just when I thought I had run out of ideas for race rewards, I found the perfect reward for completing my first triathlon.  It’s something I’ve wanted for a while, but thank goodness have never needed. 

Reading healthy ashley’s story last month was a wake up call that you don’t need it until you do but that it’s one of the most important things an outdoor enthusiast can have with them.

Yep, I finally got a RoadID

Getting hit by a car while running (or now biking) is one of my biggest fears. Being an unseen athlete on the road usually just results in me glaring and/or making rude hand gestures at the car that didn’t give me the right-of-way, but I know the consequences could be much worse.  

I’ve been reading blogs for maybe two to three years now and I’ve read of two athletes being hit by cars (and of course, there’s poor, little Reese), one elite athlete dying after colliding with a car and now Ashley’s story.  More messages from the universe that this was an important addition to my training gear, successful tri or no.


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