Cars have four wheels and a radio.  I like to listen to New Kids on the Block in mine.  Joey is my favorite.  Cars take me to the store to get froyo. The end. – Six-year-old Meg

My views on cars pretty much haven’t changed in the past 21 years.  Try to talk to me about them and I’ll start talking about the latest pop craze. I live in my five-year-old Corolla and it takes me from A to B and that’s good enough for me.

BUT, yesterday, I had the opportunity to test drive and rate cars for the Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Awards.


My marathon coach coworker was selected to be a team captain and asked me to join his group. Me? Have an active lifestyle? Well, yeah I guess I do. Sure, sign me up!

Our team was assigned to the luxury off-road segment, which meant we got to drive the latest Land Rover, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota 4Runner and this little guy

…on an off-road course and around the city for a bit.

Since they weren’t actually my cars and I’ll not likely get the opportunity again, I tore it up!

The calendar and the weather are not getting along so well in Arizona lately, so the day got a little hot and I cut out before finding out who won among the participants, but it was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning!


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