Workout Giant: Bikram Yoga

What like it’s hard?

Just kidding!  It is tough! 

I’ve been baby stepping my way toward Bikram since I started practicing…first with traditional yoga, then warm yoga, then hot (but not humid) Bikram + Ashtanga hybrid yoga.  I’m pretty sure there are no more steps, so when I saw a Living Social deal for five classes for $25 at a nearby studio I’ve been wanting to try – Bikram Yoga North Scottsdale – I jumped on it and took my first class last Friday. 

I was unable to get a hold of the studio beforehand, so decided to try my luck at just showing up a bit before the class.  Everyone was so welcoming!  I wasn’t sure who worked there and who was just a super nice yogi trying to help out the newbie! 

They were also quite concerned that I wouldn’t be able to hang in the 105-degree/40% humidity studio.  Their warnings of “just make it your goal to stay in the room,” and “put your head between your knees over your heart if you need to rest,” freaked me out a bit! 

Turns out I’m a lot tougher than I look.  I dripped sweat throughout, but it felt great to complete the practice.

Bikram is a very regimented practice (90-minutes, 26 postures) so I suppose the instructor’s regimented style was appropriate, but it wasn’t really for me, so I’ll probably seek out others to see if it was just her or if it’s the studio in general. 

I missed the mind-body-spirit connectivity I’m used to as well as the different level options for poses and the “play time” that encourages me to challenge myself. gym doesn’t offer a class on Friday to end the week and start off the weekend, so I am so happy that BYNS has one and think I’ll use up my passes to supplement my regular yoga schedule with a calming and sweaty Friday afternoon sesh for the next few weeks!

I have to mention that generally, I’m wary of using Groupon or Living Social because the few I’ve done always seem to end up with poor service and grumpy staff who weren’t ready for the rush of business that comes with giving it away for practically nothing.  (I actually had to request a refund for one I bought for a nail salon in Vegas because the salon had shut down to regroup and amp up for the amount of people who were trying to schedule appointments and they weren’t going to be open during my trip there!  Groupon was great about the refund though!)

When the studio wasn’t answering their phones in the week after the offer went up, I was nervous, but like I said, everyone was welcoming and they seemed to have a great system for the working with the purchasers.  The class had plenty of space and when I asked if I needed to call or sign up online for space in future classes, the lady simply said, “nope, now that you’re started, you’re part of the family.”  How wonderful is that?!


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