A New Perspective

After my first yoga class, I felt refreshed and like I was seeing things differently. Maybe that’s why I fell in fast love with it. Every now and then I still find a new perspective during or after a good session.

You never know when this inspiration is going to strike, so I love trying new venues and instructors.  I’ve wanted to get to a lululemon community class for a while, but never got around to it until last week. And wouldn’t you know it?! I can’t believe I’ve missed out for so long!

Many lulu locations offer Sunday morning in-store classes, but the lululemon at the Scottsdale Quarter partners with the W Hotel in Old Town for a yoga series on Thursday nights. The fall series is hosted on the pool’s sky deck.  It’s an hour-long session that starts at 6pm after the sun is behind the buildings and when the temperature is so perfect that you don’t even notice it one way or the other.

Yoga al fresco was pretty great.  No checking your poses in mirrors, just feeling them. My down dog had me looking up at a combination of the sky and color-changing lighted art around the deck.  Quite literally, a new perspective…something I need lately to transfer to my life in more figurative ways. 

Also, there was singing and dancing.  This is not your mother’s yoga class.  I think we forget to be silly and get outside of ourselves every so often, so it was a welcome exercise.

The fall series ends tonight, but I overheard last week that they might come up with something again soon and I certainly hope they do!


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