City Love: Seattle Edition

I LOVE SEATTLE. That is all.

Okay, that’s not actually all.

I visited Seattle for the first time as a senior in high school when I was thinking about going to college there. I ended up in beautiful (for different reasons) Thousand Oaks, California instead because the Cal Lu campus just felt right for me…and it was, but I knew it was far from over between me and Seattle.

My favorite things about Seattle are:
1.  Hills (although that might change after I attempt to run them)

2.  The “city feel” that Phoenix and LA are missing because they’re so spread out.

3.  Cozy, overcast days (I would probably never get anything done if I lived there…except A LOT of reading)

4.  Seattle Aquarium and the otters and seahorses.

5.  Pike Place Market and the way the donut stand smells and the apples taste.

6.  That when it’s sunny, which it has been on more of my trips there than not, everyone is so happy and talks about how beautiful it is. I’m led to believe that this has given me a skewed view of the actual weather sitch in the city, but I’ll take it.

7.  Coffee, coffee, coffee

8.  That my friend Lisa is getting married there this weekend!  Lisa and I are good friends because she crouches down to my height when we take pictures together we lived together senior year in college and she taught me to love margaritas.

Yes, this weekend is weddingpalooza part two. As all bridesmaids know, weddings are not just weddings, they are rehearsals and dinners and primping seshes and brunches, but with just 56 hours in Seattle, no excuses, I’m cramming it all in to soak up my city love.

I’m staying in the University district, which is something new to me.  I’ve driven through on past trips, but I’m excited to stay there and get a new perspective 😉  The cute boutiquey hotel I’m staying at loans out bikes for exploring, how awesome is that?!

I’m also excited that last week I won a gift certificate from Rachel Wilkerson to GrubHub!  The service is established in Seattle, but not Phoenix (yet).  How’s that for timing?  I learned after my sister’s wedding that post-party take-out is pretty much the best thing ever. Thanks Rachel and GrubHub in advance for sponsoring the bridesmaids’ late night munchfest!


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