Weddingpalooza Wrap Up

As happens, my workout mojo ebbed and flowed throughout last month. Add to that being busy and then burnt out by weddingpalooza and dealing with some personal issues (workouts are great for my emotions, but sometimes emotions make it hard to get moving) and my training plan for October ended up looking like this (X means I did it, crossed out or circled means, oops, I skipped it):

For. Shame. BUT, let’s focus on the positive. My top three workouts in October were:

#3: The Vinyasa II class I took last week. Wasn’t feeling it, but I ended up being so glad that I went and even though I haven’t practiced much lately, my body hasn’t forgotten too much.

#2: My first post-tri swim once I finished my antibiotics for the nasty ear infection I got from swimming in lovely Tempe Town Lake. I love swimming!

#1: Running in Seattle! I was able to get out the morning of the wedding and did a little running tour of the U Dub campus. It was brisk, but the sun was shining and it was actually fall. I always find it easier to run in a new area. I was so busy looking around I didn’t even notice my pace was pretty legit for the 3.5 miles I was out!  Here are a few pics I took while I was out:

My 10K is on Sunday and I feel about 70% prepared.  I’m counting on a race day high and my stubbornness for the other 30%.  After that’s over, I’ll work on what’s next…well, I’ll decide what’s next and then get moving!


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